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New station launches

Pure ready ‘to put Scots back into Scottish radio’

Robin Galloway: resuscitating radio

Pure Radio, backed by publishing group DC Thomson, launches on Wednesday with no regular news bulletins and fewer adverts than is common on commercial stations.

It will be available to nearly three million adults across Central Scotland and veteran radio broadcaster Robin Galloway has been hired to run the station and present the breakfast show.

The station’s remit is “to bring back the spirit of local radio to the nation” and reverse the trend of networked radio shows from England.

Instead of hourly news bulletins, the station’s presenters will “discuss” the news.

Paul Harper, formerly of Beat 106, Real Radio and latterly, Heart, also joins the station alongside Lynne Hoggan who will split her time between Pure Radio and DC Thomson Media’s Wave FM.

Pure Radio will broadcast from the former PSP Media building in Glasgow, following DC Thomson Media’s acquisition of the media group in April this year.

Its launch follows DC Thomson Media’s acquisition of two of Scotland’s biggest commercial radio stations, Kingdom FM and Original 106, in April, and the purchase of Wave FM in 2017.

Mr Galloway, group head of presentation at Pure, said: “DC Thomson Media assured me they wouldn’t interfere with my show. So I said okay – prove it – make me the boss. So they did.

“Radio in Scotland needs open heart surgery or in the next few years, it’ll be given its last rights. I’m going to resuscitate it and bring it back to life. 

“Remember when radio used to be fun? It was risky, edgy, flew by the seat of its pants and surprised its listeners. It’s been sterilised. When was the last time you heard something that made you utter the phrase ‘Did they actually just say that….?’ You didn’t. Because it didn’t happen. It will on Pure Radio.” 

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