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Nevis Range invests to make it snow through ski season

Hitting the heights: new investment at ski centre

The highest snowsports destination in Scotland has invested £1million to ensure it has plenty of snow throughout the skiing season.

Nevis Range, seven miles from Fort William, has acquired a Dutch-built snow-making machine that will encourage snowsports fans during milder weather.

The snow-making plant, which will come into operation next month, is capable of producing up to 155 tonnes of flake ice in just 24 hours and even in the middle of summer.

The centre has also expanded ots beginners’ ski area serviced with a new travellator conveyor lift and improved snow fencing over the whole mountain.

Chris O’Brien, CEO at Nevis Range, said: “We have invested heavily into snowsports at Nevis Range in order to guarantee excellent conditions for skiers and snowboarders in our beginners’ area all season long.

“With no road access to the Top Gondola Station I’m immensely proud of how hard the team have worked, in order to get our snow making plant and new beginners area completed in time, not just for this season but also to secure incredible winter sports facilities for years to come.

“It’s an incredibly exciting time at Nevis Range and we are looking forward to welcoming our snowsports enthusiasts in December. Watch this space for more exciting news to announce very soon.” 

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