£10 billion plan

Leonard pledges 120,000 homes to end homeless crisis

Richard Leonard in scarf

Richard Leonard: ‘a home for everyone’ (pic: Terry Murden)

Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard will set out an ambitious £10 billion plan to eliminate the homeless crisis in Scotland.

He will say that a UK Labour government will fund the building of 120,000 homes from a National Transformation Fund.

The fund will invest £70bn into Scotland’s public services and economy with a landmark policy designed to end homelessness “once and for all”. Mr Leonard says the ten-year plan will create almost 50,000 jobs, but he gave no detail on how it would be funded.

“Labour will tackle Scotland’s housing crisis, we will provide a home for everyone – and we will end homelessness once and for all in Scotland,” he will tell an election rally.

“And in so doing, we will generate almost 50,000 jobs, here in Scotland – giving our young people the work and the skills they need to prosper. 

Labour is the only alternative Government to a Boris Johnson Government.

– Richard Leonard

“This is the transformation that a UK Labour government can make. A transformation that the SNP simply cannot deliver.

“And a transformation that the Liberal Democrats – whose leader yesterday confirmed that she would do all in her power to block the formation of a Labour government –  cannot, and would not, deliver, even if they had the chance.”

Mr Leonard is launching his speech in the marginal constituency of Glasgow North, where in 2017 Pam Duncan-Glancy was just 1,060 votes away from seizing the seat from the SNP. 

Reiterating the choice faced by voters in Scotland at the election, he will say: “Labour is the only alternative Government to a Boris Johnson Government.

“And Scotland has the power to decide if Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn is Prime Minister. And the only way to get a Labour Government is to elect Labour MPs from Scotland. There is no short cut through the SNP.”

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