Poll predicts Tory victory

Johnson heading for big majority in General Election

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson: on course for victory

The Conservatives are on course for a substantial majority, allowing Boris Johnson to push through his Brexit bill.

A new poll suggests the Tories will win 359 seats, giving the party a majority in the Commons of 68.

The MRP poll for The Times indicates that Labour will lose 50 MPs, reducing the party’s tally to 211 seats.

The poll echoes earlier predictions of a Tory victory but this one is given extra attention because it accurately predicted a hung parliament in 2017.

It says the Conservatives could gain 44 seats from Labour on 12 December, while the SNP would recover some losses in Scotland, gaining eight seats to take the party’s total to 43. Only two of these gains are forecast to come from the Tories (Stirling, and East Renfrewshire). Labour are set to lose five seats to the SNP, with the Lib Dems losing one in Scotland.

The Lib Dems, who have been hoping for a breakthrough on the back of reversing Brexit would have just 13 seats in the Commons, an increase of just one seat.

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