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Forces veterans urged to retrain in care sector

Lynn Bell

Lynn Bell: win-win

Armed forces veterans are being encouraged to seek a new career in the care sector.

LOVE@care, part of Hamilton-based social business the LOVE group has launched a training scheme aimed at former soldiers and young people who have been in care themselves.

A study found that more than 26% of veterans living in Scotland found it difficult to find a job while 31% of young people who have been in care are still looking for work nine months after leaving school.

Lynn Bell, CEO of LOVE Group believes the new scheme can offer these individuals a career and help solve a staffing crisis in the sector. The latest data from the Care Inspectorate indicates that 38% of services have vacancies, up 2% on the previous year.

This problem is set to be exacerbated by Brexit which could lead to lower levels of immigration to Scotland. EU nationals account for 5.6% of staff in the care sector currently, with 42% of care services recruitment overseas coming from the EU.

Ms Bell said: “We are operating in a sector with a major disparity between number of care workers and the demand for those services.

“Marrying up care experienced young adults and veterans with employment opportunities within the care sector therefore just seemed a natural thing to do and is a ‘win-win’ for both parties.”

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