In-work poverty in decline

Fall in number of workers earning below living wage


Wages for lower paid are rising

Fewer Scottish workers are earning less than the real Living Wage, according to new data.

An estimated 380,000 people north of the border currently earn below the threshold of £9, which is 57,000 or 13% fewer than in 2018 (437,000).

The improving picture for the lower paid will be a challenge to Labour which has made the living wage a key policy objective.

The improvement is better than the UK as a whole which saw a decline of 10% earning below the threshold.

Analysis from KPMG and IHS Markit also reveals an improving picture for full-time Scottish female workers, with 11% (77,000) earning below the Living Wage, against 12% (79,000) in 2018.

While the gap is narrowing, the data shows 8% (76,000) of men working full time in Scotland earn below the Living Wage, down from 10% (94,000) in 2018.

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