Drink launched

Drinks duo take on the giants with Scotland’s own cola

New drink: Chris Ewing and Niall Holmes

A Glasgow drinks company is taking on the might of the cola giant with its own Scottish version.

Former Motherwell footballer Chris Ewing and Niall Holmes of the Caledonian Cola Company are launching Alba Cola in time for St Andrew’s Day.

Made with lightly carbonated Scottish water and heather botanicals, Alba Cola is a low sugar drink and the can is decorated with a gold unicorn.

The idea for the soft drink was born when Mr Ewing noticed the popularity of regional colas in France and spotted a gap in the market for a cola from Scotland. 

He got together with musician Mr Holmes who had been working in the food and drink industry for more than 15 years and they are now launching the coal into cafes. stores and bars around Scotland.

Mr Ewing explained: “People in France would frequently ask for a cola made from their region over the big brands and I knew there would be a market for the same kind of thing from Scotland with its own wonderful food and drink and culture.

“Consumers are drinking less alcohol and looking for new premium soft drinks or mixer experiences.”

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