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Brewer in doghouse

BrewDog facing investigation over latest ‘offensive’ campaign

The campaign poster seen by a mother outside her daughter’s school

BrewDog, which earlier this year appeared to signal a break from controversial marketing campaigns, is being investigated over its latest campaign.

Its “Sober as a motherfu” outdoor campaign has been accused of causing offence and for positioning posters near schools.

The Advertising Standards Authority is now looking into the campaign following a number of complaints.

The bill board campaign has been devised by Uncommon Creative Studio to support BrewDog’s alcohol-free IPA Punk AF. The media was planned by Craft Media, which used Goodstuff Communications’ G-Force to buy the space.

Within 24 hours of the launch, the ASA received 14 complaints that it was “likely to cause serious or widespread offence”, according to marketing trade magazine Campaign.

A further 10 complainants about its outdoor exposure said it was inappropriate to position the posters where they can be seen by children.

Punk AF

One Twitter user said she was greeted with the ad near her daughter’s primary school.

BrewDog became well known for its maverick marketing campaigns, some of which drew heavy criticism, but which helped establish the company and brand.

They have included stunts such as dropping taxidermy cats over London from a helicopter and creating a beer to tease Vladimir Putin’s policy on homosexuality.

BrewDog split with the Manifest agency earlier this year which was seen as an end to the controversial campaigns.

While they earned about 50 industry awards some have backfired, including the launch of a parody porn website called BeerPorn and its launch of Pink IPA ‘because women only like pink and glitter’.

The company and its agents have not commented on the latest dispute with the ASA.

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