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Scotland Tonight gets peak time slot for one night only

John MacKay and Rona Dougall continue to present the show

Scotland Tonight, STV’s current affairs programme, will move into peak time one day a week from early in the New Year.

The show airs at 10.40pm on Monday to Thursday but from January 2020 onwards the Thursday programme will move into a regular 7.30pm slot. It will continue to be fronted by John MacKay and Rona Dougall.

This week marks the show’s eight-year anniversary and it has become the most watched Scottish current affairs TV programme, with 290,000 viewers per week.

Bobby Hain, managing director, broadcast, at STV, said: “There’s never been a better or more relevant time to put a current affairs show into prime time. 

“We’ve seen unprecedented interest in current affairs across the country, with Brexit dominating headlines everywhere. 

“Having quickly become established as the most watched Scottish current affairs series, it’s been important to constantly evolve and innovate to ensure we’re always relevant for our audience. 

“As we seek to widen the appeal of the show even further, we’re delighted to move one episode per week into a deserved place in primetime.”

Scotland Tonight has been broadcast in peak on two occasions to date, when the news agenda demanded additional scrutiny, and proved to be successful in ratings terms.

While the regular peak slot starts in January, STV will move the programme into peak on a case-by-case basis through the rest of this year.

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