Labour leader succumbs

December election now on as Corbyn finally buckles

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn: condition met

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn today finally submitted to calls for a December general election after accepting that his condition for a No Deal Brexit was now off the agenda following the EU’s agreement to extend the deadline until 31 January.

A date is yet to be agreed, and MPs from the Tory, Labour and SNP benches are not united on the wisdom of an election with some still insisting that it should come after a second EU referendum.

There will also be a number of amendments, including calls for reducing the voting age to 16.

Former Chancellor Philip Hammond – who was expelled from the Conservative parliamentary Party after voting against a no-deal Brexit – said the idea of using “precious time” to hold an election, rather than passing the government’s Brexit bill, “frankly appals me”.

Mr Corbyn must now hold his party together with many opposed to an election as they believe it is heading for defeat.

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