Speaker's ruling

Bercow scuppers Johnson’s bid for new vote on Brexit deal

John Bercow: ruling prevented the vote

Commons Speaker John Bercow added to Boris Johnson’s frustrations today by refusing a government request to hold a vote on its Brexit deal.

Mr Bercow said MPs had already debated the matter on Saturday and it would be “repetitive and disorderly” for MPs to do so again.

The PM agreed a deal with the EU last week, but it must be approved by MPs.

Over the weekend he seemed to have mustered enough support to command a majority of five.

But Mr Bercow drew on a parliamentary convention dating back to 1604 in order to rule the vote out of order.

He quoted from the Parliament’s rulebook, Erskine May, saying a motion that is the same “in substance” as a previous one cannot be brought back to the Commons during the course of a single parliamentary session.

The government is now expected to bring its Withdrawal Agreement Bill before MPs on Tuesday.

It comes as judges at Scotland’s highest court allowed a legal challenge to continue this week to make sure Mr Johnson complies with the Benn Act requesting an extension to the Brexit deadline.

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