Six new sites in pipeline

4icg targets global expansion after record year of growth

Proud: Brian Williamson

Glasgow-based technology lead generation specialist 4icg Group has confirmed major expansion plans with six new global locations set to open in the next 24 months.

Earlier this year the company opened its first location outwith the UK in Malaga in the south of Spain and is now looking at additional sites in Europe as well as USA and Canada.

The anticipated international expansion comes after a record 33% growth in sales in the last year, with £1.6bn worth of sales opportunities for more than 600 businesses across all three of its group brands – Fierce Digital, Pursuit Marketing and Software Advisory Service.

4icg typically helps technology businesses achieve high growth by significantly boosting sales opportunities and now generates more than £130m in new potential orders for businesses every month.

Chairman Brian Williamson said: “To have increased sales by more than a third over the past 12 months is an achievement of which we are extremely proud. That growth is fundamentally driven by the results we are achieving for our clients which ultimately means we are doing our jobs well.

“More than £130m in new sales opportunities for clients every month is a figure that speaks for itself in that respect. Our real focus now is on our international expansion as we push to grow beyond our current base.

“We have six potential global locations planned to go live in the next 24 months. The demand from more than 600 clients is driving our rapid growth and we expect to see that continue beyond the next three years.

“Our target had always been to expand internationally as soon as we felt we were able to support that type and level of growth. We are now confident that we can go even further than we had originally planned which is extremely exciting.”

Many of the company’s clients are businesses that have secured investment from venture capital and private equity firms and are looking for a quick and effective solution to the challenges of growth in the technology industry.

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