Talk of new 'unity' move

Sturgeon hints at Corbyn pact to halt Johnson’s Brexit plan

Sturgeon acknowledging conference

Nicola Sturgeon: possible pact (pic: Terry Murden)

Nicola Sturgeon has turned the heat up on Boris Johnson by declaring she may support Jeremy Corbyn as an interim Prime Minister.

The SNP leader’s move could pave the way for a no- confidence vote in Mr Johnson’s premiership. 

Her move comes amid growing speculation of another attempt in the Commons by MPs to seize control over parliamentary business next week while Mr Johnson is in Manchester for the Tory conference.

A Downing Street source said the UK was being “sold down the river” by Labour who would grant the SNP a second Scottish independence referendum in return for ousting the government and putting Mr Corbyn in Number 10.  

A Lab-SNP pact could still struggle to secure enough support, with Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson insisting she would not back a government led by Mr Corbyn who would also need the support of Conservative rebels. 

Ms Sturgeon indicated that the only way forward was to install “Corbyn or someone else as PM” to unite the opposition for the sole purpose of securing an extension to Brexit, followed by an immediate General Election. 

A possible alliance between Labour and the SNP emerged last month when shadow chancellor John McDonnell told an Edinburgh Fringe audience that the party would not block a fresh independence vote. 

However, any deal that makes this a condition would create a major problem for Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard who has declared he is firmly opposed to Scottish independence.

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