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Oil and gas industry issues roadmap for zero carbon emissions

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Oil on course for change

A new roadmap has been unveiled by the oil and gas industry outlining its commitment to Scotland’s zero carbon energy target.

Oil and gas extracted offshore currently accounts for 45% of the UK’s energy use, 1.2% of GDP, and is responsible for about 3% of the country’s greenhouse emissions, according to the report, Roadmap 2035.

Industry body Oil and Gas UK (OGUK) highlights five areas it claims action is needed from both the Government and the industry to continue to supply oil and gas and contribute to the economy while helping towards the net-zero target.

It identifies “developing and commercialising low carbon technologies, including carbon capture usage and storage” as a key area in reducing emissions as part of the national strategy.

It states that by 2035 at least half of UK oil and gas demand must be met by domestic production, thereby minimising imports.

OGUK chief executive Deirdre Michie claimed the industry has a “credible plan for the future” and said it was uniquely positioned to help the UK meet its net-zero ambitions and energy needs.

Ms Michie said: “Roadmap 2035 offers a blueprint for how we can continue to meet much of the UK’s oil and gas needs from domestic resources, progressively reduce associated production emissions and develop economy-wide decarbonisation technologies.”

The blueprint also states that warmer temperatures from climate change “have reduced gas requirements for domestic heating” and is part of the 14% drop in demand over the last two decades.

On Brexit it says the “prospect of no-deal becoming more not in the best interests of this industry, or the wider economy”.

The report says that even “minimal tariffs” agreed in a deal with the EU could still cost the industry £100 million annually and calls for as little friction as possible between EU and UK trade.

Responding to the report, Scottish Energy Minister Paul Wheelhouse said the Roadmap marks a “significant move” by the industry to reflect the need to make the energy transition a reality.

“The sector can and has committed to helping Scotland and the UK achieve net zero, working with both governments, as well as industries and communities to transform our energy system.

“We are committed to achieving a net-zero economy in a way that is fair for all and to ensure a just transition. The oil and gas sector can and will, I believe, play a positive role in this transition, helping to channel its resources and innovative supply chain to design the diverse energy system we need for the future.”

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