Stern message to PM

Major tells Johnson: get rid of advisers ‘poisoning’ politics

Sir John Major: ‘advisers should go now’ (pic: Terry Murden)

Former Prime Minister Sir John Major tonight demanded the immediate removal of Downing Street’s ‘over-mighty’ advisers before they ‘poison’ politics beyond repair.

In a passionate defence of Conservative Party values, Sir John also called for the reinstatement of Tory MPs who had been sacked this week for voting against the government in a crucial Brexit debate.

Sir John told an audience of 600 businessmen at the CBI Scotland annual dinner in Glasgow that without these MPs the Tories would cease to be a broad-based party and emerge as a “mean-minded sect”.

Without naming special adviser Dominic Cummings, he denounced in uncompromising language the “political anarchist” who “does not give a fig” about the party.

“We have seen over-mighty advisers before.  It is a familiar script.  It always ends badly,” said Sir John, who succeeded Lady Thatcher in 1990 and led the party until his defeat to Tony Blair’s Labour party in 1997. 

“I offer the Prime Minister some friendly advice:  get rid of these advisers before they poison the political atmosphere beyond repair.  And do it quickly. 

“There is no need for them to be led out of Downing Street by armed police, but go they should.  And now.

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