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ScotlandIS backs Scottish Cyber potential with Mitchell hire

Ciara Mitchell: invaluable cluster

ScotlandIS, the membership and cluster management organisation for the digital technologies industry in Scotland, has appointed Ciara Mitchell as head of cyber.

The appointment reinforces the organisation’s continued commitment to strengthening services for members and providing support to the wider industry by helping to unlock the potential of the growing specialist cyber community in Scotland.

Ms Mitchell joins ScotlandIS from BT Security, where she led a team of product managers within BT’s cyber security division and successfully implemented strategies for several global cyber security products.

She will be responsible for the growth and development of the cyber security cluster at ScotlandIS in line with the Scottish Government’s cyber security strategy. Ms Mitchell will work alongside a team of coordinators in academia and the public sector to ensure that cyber businesses in Scotland are best placed to fully exploit the economic growth opportunities available with the increasing demand for cyber security goods and services.

Ms Mitchell said: “The formation of the Cyber Cluster will be invaluable for our members and the wider community, in turn fuelling Scotland’s international position in data, cyber security goods and services.”

Polly Purvis, chief executive of ScotlandIS, said: “Ciara has an impressive track record in the cyber security industry and with a background in electronic engineering and telecoms, she brings great experience and expertise to the team.”

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