New blow for Johnson

New poll shows majority in favour of Scottish independence

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Latest polling shows growing support for independence (pic: Terry Murden)

A new poll shows 52% of Scots back independence, with a majority favouring a referendum before 2021. 

It is the first poll on independence conducted since Boris Johnson became Prime Minister. 

The poll shows support for independence at 46% and 43% against.

Once those who said they didn’t know how they would vote, or said they would not vote, are removed, support for independence rises to 52% for, 48% against. It is the first lead for independence in a major poll since an Ipsos MORI poll in March 2017.

Almost half (47%) said that there should be a second independence referendum within the next two years.

The poll was based on a sample size of 1,019, and was conducted online by LordAshcrfotpolls between 30 July and 2 August.

Commenting on the poll published by Holyrood Magazine, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: “This is a phenomenal poll for the independence movement — showing that more and more people think it’s time that Scotland took our own decisions and shaped our own future as a fair, prosperous, outward looking nation. 

“Independence means getting governments people in Scotland vote for and that will act in our interests.  That stands in stark contrast to recent experience of UK governments incapable or unwilling to act with those interests in mind. 

“Meanwhile, the case for independence grows stronger by the day. 

“A broken Westminster system means Scotland is being dragged towards a No Deal Brexit, regardless of the heavy price we’ll pay for lost jobs and lower living standards. That project is being led by Boris Johnson — a Prime Minister Scotland didn’t elect and who has no mandate to tear Scotland out of Europe with all the damage that will entail. 

“The Scottish Government, by contrast, has a very clear mandate from the people of Scotland — to give them the choice of a better future with independence. 

“It would be a democratic outrage for any Tory government to deny that, and this poll shows such an anti-democratic position is completely unsustainable.”

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