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Motability Operations contact centre to create 80 Scottish jobs

The scheme has targeted Edinburgh for expansion

Up to 80 jobs are heading to Edinburgh after Motability Operations confirmed the city as the location for a national contact centre.

The business, which operates the Motability Scheme – a provider of vehicles for disabled people – plans to open a temporary office in January 2020 and its permanent office by April 2020.

In addition to its head office in London, Motability Operations has a contact centre in Bristol. The new Scottish site is being developed to aid further expansion of the scheme, which already provides vehicles to more than 625,000 disabled people and their families across the UK.

Motability Operations head of customer service, Lisa Witherington said: “We have taken our time to identify the location of our new site and eventually chose Edinburgh because we know we will be able to find the high-quality employees we need.

“Many major brands have call centre operations in Scotland, which means there are plenty of people with relevant talent and experience. Our call handlers are consistently praised for their professionalism by clients and our monitoring shows a continuously high level of satisfaction – we only want the best and are sure Edinburgh will deliver.”

Motability Operations is the private company which operates the Motability Scheme under contract to Motability, a registered Charity.

It leases cars and scooters to more than 625,000 customers across the UK, and has over 1,000 employees across its current London and Bristol locations.

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