EU funding call

Mackay demands ‘cast iron guarantee’ on Scottish funding

Derek Mackay speaking
Derek Mackay: deeply concerned (pic: Terry Murden)

Scottish Finance Secretary Derek Mackay is demanding the UK Government provides a ‘cast iron guarantee’ that all EU funding currently provided to Scotland is replaced in full by the UK government.

During a meeting with Chief Secretary to the Treasury Rishi Sunak in London today, Mr Mackay will be seeking clarity on the economic impact of a ‘no deal’ Brexit to let the Scottish Government plan for the potential consequences.

Mr Mackay said: “With just weeks to go until we are due to leave the EU, we remain deeply concerned about the impact of a ‘no deal’ Brexit and the severe impact it threatens to have on our economy and jobs, as well as the loss of vital EU funding to Scotland.

“The actions of the UK Government in attempting to shut down Parliament to force through a ‘no-deal’ outcome means that the UK stands on the cusp of an economic crisis. I will be making absolutely clear to the Chief Secretary that the UK Government must stop pursuing a ‘no deal’ Brexit.

“As a responsible government we are continuing to do all we can to stop a ‘no deal’ Brexit. With a ‘no deal’ scenario looking increasingly more likely, it is essential that the UK Government sets out openly and honestly what the economic consequences will be to enable the Scottish Government to prepare for the additional pressures we may face.

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