Fraud cases rising

Cybercriminals ‘advertising’ their services on the dark web


Hackers are using the dark web to access accounts

Cybercrime is increasingly a feature of fraud cases, with some criminals even advertising their services on the dark web, according to the latest research.

It found a 57% increase in the number of court cases in which digital scammers used email, SMS and apps to take over personal data that enabled them to access bank and credit card accounts.

Victims of one scam, many of them elderly, were panicked into contacting fraudsters after messages informing them their computers had been infected either popped up on screen or were played through speakers.

When they followed instructions to contact a free number, they were put through to India-based crooks who said they could fix the problem for a fee. But once the scammers had access to victims’ banking details, they plundered their accounts and sometimes installed software to allow them to steal more.

Roy Waligora, KPMG UK Head of Investigations, observed:“We are noting a worrying move from criminals simply hacking as a means to an end to being industrialised personal data brokers on the dark web. 

“As our digital footprints get larger, cybercriminals will continue to develop new and innovative ways to steal personal data. If we are not alive to the threats, there is a great risk that we increase our vulnerability to criminals through our inaction.”

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