WeWork launch tenants

Duo return home to open office for travel and room app

Urchana Moudgil and Craig Unsworth

An Edinburgh-born duo are returning to the city to expand their fast-growing tech startup.

Craig Unsworth and Urchana Moudgil are the co-founders of Upgrade Pack, an app that provides exclusive access to discounts on upgraded flights and hotel rooms. Memberships are funded by the company’s partner clients, who offer it as a reward for customer loyalty.

The startup is one of the launch tenants of the WeWork co-working space in George Street which opens at the end of the year.

Mr Unsworth and Ms Moudgil met while working at a London consulting firm and formed Upgrade Pack last year after identifying a gap in the market in terms of how flight and hotel upgrades are purchased and sold.

In little over a year the duo have raised £3.4 million, valuing the business at £15m – with all money raised through private investment which has accelerated their plans for Scottish premises, which was originally planned for Q2 next year.

The company maintains a head office in Richmond, South-West London where it employs a team of 26, but will expand internationally from later in the year.

Group Chief Operating Officer of the company, Urchana is also speaking at the Women in Tech Scotland event at the EICC next week, where she will be sharing her startup journey with other female tech founders, including how to raise money through angel investment.

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