Dispute escalates

US threatens tariff hike on whisky in EU subsidy row

Whisky faces US tariff blow


Scotch whisky could be targeted by the US in an escalating tariffs battle with Brussels officials in the European Union.

Washington said Scotch could be added to the list of products facing $4 billion of additional tariffs in a dispute over EU subsidies on large aircraft manufacturers.

The US Trade Representative’s (USTR) office said olives, Italian cheese and a variety of metals were also being added – meaning a total of $25bn worth of EU goods were now at risk of being targeted in the dispute over aircraft trade.

The World Trade Organisation (WTO). has previously ruled that the world’s two largest plane makers – Boeing of the US and Europe’s Airbus –  have both received billions of dollars in subsidies.

The US and the EU have threatened to impose tit-for-tat tariffs on planes, tractors and food and there had been some hope of a resolution in sight at the Paris Air Show last month.

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