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Cadenhead welcomes G20’s ‘bold’ agenda for women

Lynne Cadenhead at female festival

Lynne Cadenhead, speaking at a recent women in enterprise event (pic: Terry Murden)


Women’s enterprise campaigner Lynne Cadenhead has welcomed the commitment by world leaders at the G20 Summit to support female empowerment and entrepreneurship.

Ms Cadenhead, who chairs Women’s Enterprise Scotland, said the “bold agenda will do much to help unlock the untapped economic potential of women and girls across the country.”

WES was the only Scottish organisation to participate in the T20, the think tank and “ideas bank” of the G20 which declared a commitment to “achieving sustainable and inclusive economic growth.”

The G20 declaration added: “We reaffirm the importance of taking measures to support skills development and provide access to funding to promote women’s entrepreneurship” 

Research undertaken by WES in 2018 for the Federation of Small Businesses found that women-owned businesses in Scotland contribute £8.8 billion a year to the economy and have created more than 230,000 jobs. These businesses are just 20% of the business base in Scotland, offering significant potential for future growth.

Ms Cadenhead said: “We were honoured to contribute our expertise and work alongside our international colleagues to progress this critical business area. We are delighted that the G20 have acknowledged the importance of women’s entrepreneurship and the need for improved support for women entrepreneurs.

“At WES we have an ambition for women-owned businesses and we look forward to further targeted action from the G20 nations and at home here in Scotland, to provide women with the dedicated support and resources they need to achieve their business potential and aspirations. 

She continued; “It is very timely indeed that as the G20 places women’s empowerment at the heart of inclusive growth, Scotland is again leading the way with the Scottish Government’s recent acceptance of recommendations from the National Advisory Council for Women and Girls to drive forward gender equality.

“From education to visibility in public life, access to justice and parental leave, this bold agenda will do much to help unlock the untapped economic potential of women and girls across the country.”

Anne Meikle, policy and parliamentary manager at WES, said: “Gender equality and women’s economic empowerment are critical for delivering sustainable growth that is truly inclusive. We must ensure that gender equality thinking is at the heart of economic policy making and economic development if we want to deliver true, meaningful change.”

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