Agency boss urges change

Focus on people, not products, says search chief

John Anderson, Kirsty Mackenzie and George Elliott of iMultiply

Kirsty MacKenzie with John Anderson and George Elliott


Recruitment agency executive Kirsty MacKenzie has credited a 44% rise in turnover to its focus on customer feedback.

Ms MacKenzie, CEO of executive search firm iMultiply said other firms in the sector could benefit from treating customers as people, not products.

The agency, whose clients include DC Thomson, Innis & Gunn, Visit Scotland, Money Dashboard and Edinburgh Airport, appointed a dedicated head of customer relations, who operates independently from consultants, to gather accurate and useful feedback from customers, which is used to drive improvement in service.

Ms MacKenzie said: “The recruitment sector gets a bad rap and our service can be perceived as transactional and rushed with little interest in the long-term, for either candidates’ careers or employers’ plans for growth.

“When quantity is king and performance rewards are based on KPIs that are about hitting targets rather than finding the best fit for everyone, then customers can feel like products, not people.

Not only have iMultiply shown that focusing on and learning from customer experience works, but it’s also profitable to do so. We are happy to lead: but it will benefit everyone if the rest of the sector are brave enough to follow.”

iMultiply is aiming to increase its staff by more than a third.



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