Marketing shift

Beattie focuses marketing on fast-growth SMEs

Gordon Beattie and Emma Tyson

Gordon Beattie and Emma Tyson: seeking out entrepreneurs


Beattie Communications has focused its Only Marketing agency on “dynamic and fast-growing SMEs and ambitious start-ups.”

It will consider placing staff into client companies and taking equity in lieu of fees.

Founder Gordon Beattie said: “We’re not interested in working with large corporations or lifestyle businesses. We only want to work with entrepreneurial companies hell-bent on revolutionising the sectors in which they operate.

“Every marketing agency on the planet wants to work with big companies with big budgets – we don’t. We want to work with the job creators of today and the wealth creators of the future.”

Director Emma Tyson said: “Our goal is to make sure the growth of our clients is not held back by lack of funding.”   

Only Marketing will operate only in the UK for the time being, sharing the offices of Beattie Communications in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow and Edinburgh. 


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