Architect in lobby role

Oberlanders’ McCabe takes Women in Property chair

Samantha McCabe

Samantha McCabe: ‘we need to retain skilled women’ (pic: Terry Murden)


Women in Property, the national property and construction industry lobbying and networking organisation, has appointed Samantha McCabe as Central Scotland chairman.

Ms McCabe, an architect and associate with Oberlanders Architects in Edinburgh, is committed to Women in Property’s ethos of support and encouragement, not only for peers in the workplace but for girls and young women considering a career in the property and construction industry, regarded as particularly important given the skills shortage across the industry. 

She said, “Over the coming year, as an organisation, we will be focusing our attention on the skills shortage that is already evident and which will be exacerbated in a post-Brexit Britain. This means getting into schools to talk about how great it is working in this industry. Inspiring children at a young age is particularly important.

“The industry must also retain women already working in the built environment sector, who might be struggling with anything from a lack of flexibility in their working hours, through to needing advice on being more ‘visible’, for their own career development.  We can’t afford to lose these skilled women at a time when the country really needs them.”

Phil Macdonald, managing partner at Oberlanders, said: “Oberlanders are delighted that Sam has agreed to take on this role and we wish her well for her year in office. 

“We are hugely supportive of Women in Property and their invaluable role in promoting and enhancing opportunities for women to flourish and thrive within the property and construction sectors. As a practice, we are delighted to be given the opportunity to support this effort much more closely over the coming year, through Sam’s involvement as chair of the Central Scotland branch.” 


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