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Galbraith builds border agency with Land Factor deal

Iain Russell

Iain Russell: ‘enhanced services’


Galbraith, the Scotland-based rural property consultancy, is acquiring Land Factor, a specialised rural estate management company operating in Northumbia and Cumbria.

The deal, which will take effect on 1 April, will see Land Factor becoming a fully integrated part of Galbraith. Land Factor staff will continue to serve the needs of existing clients as part of the Galbraith team. 

Iain Russell, chairman of Galbraith, said: “Both firms currently operate across the  border and joining forces will enable us to provide enhanced rural services across a wider geographic area. Land Factor has been particularly strong in both estate management and forestry and our combined skills should deliver greater benefit to clients.” 

Tom Warde-Aldam, director of Land Factor, said: “We have taken great pride in building a successful firm offering specialist estate and land management services and becoming part of Galbraith will enable us to not only continue providing these services but to explore new opportunities.”

Galbraith and Land Factor believe there are many challenges and opportunities in the rural sector with inevitable changes in farm subsidy regimes and ever-increasing regulation and compliance requirements impacting across the rural sector.

Athole McKillop, one of the founding directors of Land Factor, and current chair of Confor, notes that there are opportunities to capitalise on the strong performance of the forestry sector, with new planting reaching levels not seen for decades and strong timber prices encouraging more active forestry management across all types of woodland asset.

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