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Digitonic and Fore tie up Facebook marketing venture

Grant Fraser and Stuart Stott

Grant Fraser and Stuart Stott


Smart mobile marketing specialist Digitonic and creative agency Fore have announced a partnership which aims to maximise business interactions with customers on Facebook. 

The deal will integrate Glasgow-based Digitonic’s conversational marketing platform, ‘Yapper’, and Fore’s social gamification technology, that triggers customer engagement through interactive, personalised content.

The partners hope to capitalise on data showing eight in ten companies intend to talk to their customers via social messaging by 2020. 

Both companies have seen signs of early take up with new business totalling more than £100,000 in February alone.

“Fore’s social gamification technology enables businesses and brands to vastly increase traffic to the top of the conversation funnel,” said Grant Fraser, CEO at Digitonic. “It is then down to Digitonic’s Yapper platform to move users down this funnel with a tailored conversation flow to achieve the desired result for the brands that we are working with.

“Both Digitonic and Fore felt that instead of trying to compete against one another, our organisations would benefit from combining our expertise to produce a more powerful and mutually beneficial offering. This approach enabled both companies to focus on what we are best at.

“This collaboration agreement is the first of a number of high profile deals that Digitonic will be announcing in 2019 with companies both sides of the Scottish border.” 

Stuart Stott, CEO at Fore, said: “The partnership came about through admiration of one another’s technology and marketing campaigns, and instead of trying to mimic each other with challenger models, it simply made sense for us to team up and play to one another’s strengths.

“Both companies have huge international aspirations and the new partnership is big step in the right direction to achieving them.

Representatives from both companies flew out to San Diego last month to spend six days at the Traffic & Conversion Summit 2019 – the largest marketing event in North America.

Currently employing 20 people at its headquarters in central Glasgow, Digitonic has ambitious targets for future growth, having increased its turnover by 44% in 2018. 

Firms get Tech-X funding

Ten technology start-ups will share a £1 million funding pot after securing a spot on an Aberdeen-based accelerator scheme.

The Oil & Gas Technology Centre (OGTC) has announced the cohort of ten firms for its TechX Pioneer programme and each start-up will receive £100,000.

The 10 selected are:

• Vita Inclinata Technologies: hoisting technology that increases the operating envelope for cranes and helicopters, reducing weather-associated downtime.

• Resolute Energy Solutions: micro-polymers designed to fill gaps in well equipment, cements and the formation rock, fully blocking permeability and preventing the unwanted flow of subsurface fluids.

• Sedwell: low-power, low-cost wireless condition monitoring technology that provides real-time data to prevent hydrocarbon releases.

• Hydromea: mini underwater autonomous robots that collect and harvest data using high speed underwater communication and transfer.

• Mocean Energy: an autonomous, unmanned offshore renewable energy station to power ocean sensors, communication equipment and recharge sea-surface, subsea, and airborne drones.

• Sentinel Subsea: a non-invasive, no power alarm that monitors the integrity of suspended and abandoned oil and gas wells.

• The Big Swing Co.: a multi-phase separator to de-bottleneck and increase production from marginal fields.

• Print3dWell: a combination of additive manufacturing and 3D printed slickline tools for replacing costly well intervention methods, employing carbon-dioxide as a downhole power source.

• Green Mesa: software that allows emission profiling of assets and decisions to be taken for compliance reporting and fleet use.

• AI Exploration: a multi-phase system for real-time surveillance of single wells across an entire oil field, adjusting and automating production and trimming unscheduled downtime.


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