Alliance based in Dundee

Businesses join forces to create one-stop decom hub

Callum Falconer, CEO of Dundeecom; Charles Hammond, Group CEO of Forth Ports; Bill Cattanach, Head of Supply Chain of Oil and Gas Authority

Callum Falconer, left with Charles Hammond and Bill Cattanach, head of supply chain, Oil and Gas Authority


A group of businesses have forged an alliance aiming to create a hub for North Sea oil and gas decommissioning in Dundee.

Companies signing up for Forth and Tay Decommissioning are Augean North Sea Services, COES Caledonian, Forth Ports, John Lawrie Group, Offshore Decommissioning Services and Well-Safe Solutions.

Callum Falconer, chief executive of Dundeecom, said: “This is the natural evolution of Dundeecom, which was started two years ago with the vision of creating a decommissioning hub in Dundee. This vision is now being realised.

“F&TD will create the framework for a sustainable, profitable and low cost decommissioning industry in Dundee, and better serve the future needs of our industry in Scotland.

“We are supporting and aligning with the UK Government and industry regulators through our new model for decommissioning. I am confident that the feasibility study, also announced today for a virtual deep water quayside will demonstrate that there is an opportunity to take an alternative approach by taking the quayside to the deep water thus capitalising on the natural deep water in the Forth.”

Charles Hammond, chief executive of Forth Ports, owner of the Port of Dundee, said: “Through significant private investment and strong partnerships, Dundee now offers a full service for the North Sea Oil and Gas decommissioning sector. The study into a virtual deep water quay will ensure that we take advantage of the deep water in the Forth to accommodate the largest of decom projects.”

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