SNP accused of 'farcical' policy

Universities ‘losing out’ on £400 million says Labour

Edinburgh University Business SchoolUniversities have been denied vital funds, say Labour (pic: Terry Murden)


Labour has criticised Nicola Sturgeon’s claim that education is her top priority after new figures showed universities have suffered a £400 million investment shortfall at today’s prices since she became First Minister.  

Data provided by the Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe), indicates that the SNP has not protected the university resource budget each year since 2014, with a total cost to universities of £417m.

The draft budget, set to go through at Stage 3 this week, due to a deal with the Greens, cuts the funding again, which is now 11% lower in real terms than it was in 2014/15.

Labour said investing in education should be a top priority for any government, for economic growth and for a fairer country.

Labour spokesman on education Iain Gray said: “Investing in education is investing in our people and our economy, it should be the top priority for any government, and Nicola Sturgeon promised it would be hers.

“That claim is utterly farcical when stacked up next to the numbers. Universities have faced more cuts under the SNP.

“That’s bad for students in Scotland and for the future of the Scottish economy – but rather than reverse those cuts, the SNP-Green budget proposes even more.

“Labour would invest in our people, communities and public services by making the richest pay their fair share, starting with a 50p top rate of tax.”

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