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Former Wiseman Dairies directors join Scot Bio board

Mulcahy Dobbins Trott

New directors: Martyn Mulcahy, David Dobbins and Nick Trott


Scot Bio, the Scottish biotech business, has appointed two former executive directors of Robert Wiseman Dairies to its board.  

Martyn Mulcahy and David Dobbins held positions of group operations director and group commercial director respectively on the main board of the stock market listed dairy business before its sale to Müller.

In addition, Nick Trott has also joined the board bringing valuable financial expertise from his role as finance director of Sorbon Investments, which is owned by Michael Shanly. It was a significant investor in Scot Bio’s recently oversubscribed £2m funding round that also included investment syndicate Kelvin Capital, Investing Women, Oghma Partners and private investors in the UK and USA.

Mr Mulcahy and Mr Dobbins are also early stage investors in Scot Bio along with Robert Wiseman, the former chief xecutive of Robert Wiseman Dairies.

Tom Craig, chairman of Scot Bio, said “The new appointments to the board bring unrivalled skills and experience in building businesses in the food sector.  Scot Bio is at an extremely exciting stage with patented IP, significant new investment and an exceptional team of scientists behind it.  With the guidance of our outstanding board we are looking confidently to the future.”

Polly Van Alstyne, chief operating officer at Scot Bio, said Scot Bio’s ambition is to be the world leader in functional food ingredients.

“Our enlarged board will undoubtedly bring us closer to realising our ambition.  Our new directors have built one of the most successful food sector businesses in recent years and we will be working with them to make Scot Bio another success story.”

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