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Scottish Budget

Ministers take tax cut as councils cut services, says Labour

Derek Mackay SNP 2018 conf

Derek Mackay will get a tax cut from his own Budget (pic: Terry Murden DB Media Services)


SNP Ministers are planning to reward themselves with a tax cut in the Budget, says Scottish Labour’s finance spokesman James Kelly. 

Analysis by the independent Scottish Parliament Information Centre shows that a majority of higher rate taxpayers, including people earning more than £100,000, will receive a £140 tax cut as part of Derek Mackay’s plans. 

Changes in the personal allowance, coupled with the Nationalist’s rates and bands proposals, mean those earning up to £124,375 will pay less income tax this year than last.  Scottish Cabinet Secretaries are paid £111,359 while junior ministers receive £91,407. 

Labour says that it cannot support Mackay’s Budget on Thursday when it proposes cuts in council services and tax cuts for the higher paid.

Mr Kelly said: “It is morally reprehensible for Derek Mackay to put forward a budget which will make council workers redundant and himself richer. 

“Our communities need investment and an end to austerity, but Derek Mackay is refusing to use Scotland’s powers to do just that.

“With a Budget that will make council workers redundant and give a tax cut to the Ministers responsible, Labour cannot possibly support it when it comes to Parliament on Thursday.”

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