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Tycoon plans new venture

Welch aims to replicate Blackcircles tyre success in US

Mike Welch

Mike Welch: simple focus (pic: Terry Murden)


Tyre tycoon Mike Welch is aiming to replicate the success he enjoyed with Blackcircles by launching Tirescanner, an online portal, in the US.

Welch, who sold Blackcircles to Michelin for £50m n 2015, is investing $1m of his own money in the venture which will be based in Florida.

He told US trade publication Modern Tire Dealer: “We have a very simple focus to provide drivers with the ultimate tire choice, availability, price and booking options at the best brick and mortar retail outlets across the country.”

He plans to launch the site in 2019 with more than 60,000 tyre sizes, 60 retailers and “a handful of key manufacturer partners.”

He said “When I started Blackcircles in the U.K. in early 2000 my focus was to create an online pure play business that could compete with the big name high street retailers.

“What I’m bringing to Tirescanner is what I have learned about cost effective customer acquisition, retention and best-in-class customer experience. You could say I’m hunter turned gamekeeper.”

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