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Longannet in final two for 1,000-jobs Talgo train plant

Paul Lewis, managing director, Scottish Development International; Carlos de Palacio, President of Talgo; Jon Veitch, UK director

Paul Lewismanaging director, Scottish Development International, with Carlos de Palacio, president of Talgo and Jon Veitch, UK director of Talgo at a presentation in Edinburgh last month (pic: Terry Murden)


Longannet is vying with Chesterfield in Derbyshire to land a 1,000 job train building factory for the Spanish firm Talgo.

The former Longannet Power Station site is one of two final sites now being scrutinised by the company which has designed and manufactured fast, lightweight trains in 28 countries. Hunterston in Ayrshire was among four sites on a shortlist announced last month that have been ruled out.

Talgo wants to enter the UK train market by manufacturing at source instead of assembling kits of parts from overseas. This will potentially create a significant source of work for the domestic supply chain.

Co-leader of Fife Council David Alexander said: “We have worked tirelessly with the Scottish Government and partners through the Longannet Task Force, to secure Longannet as a preferred site.

We stand ready with our dedicated investment team, Invest in Fife to support Scottish Government, Scottish Development International and Talgo to succeed in bringing this investment to Scotland and Fife.”

Co-leader David Ross added: “The strengths of the Longannet site are clear given its close proximity to the ports of Rosyth and Grangemouth. If Longannet is chosen as the final site it will have a profound impact on the economy of Fife and Scotland.”

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