Scottish Beer Awards

Stewart Brewing takes top prize in night of celebration

Beer Awards winners 2018

Winners celebrate their success (pic: Gerardo Jaconelli)


The winners of the 3rd annual Scottish Beer Awards have been revealed at the biggest ever celebration of Scottish brewing held in Edinburgh.

Nearly 400 guests from across the UK brewing industry gathered at the Corn Exchange for the presentation ceremony following a wide-ranging competition which has been running since February. 

Awards were presented for both business performance and taste after 296 Scottish beers were presented into the blind tasting competition.  

Edinburgh’s Stewart Brewing was presented with the ultimate award of the night, Scottish Brewery of the Year, after a phenomenal year of growth in turnover, exports and product development.  Stewart Brewing also walked away with awards for Growth Business of the Year and two taste award medals for their Corpse Reviver and Cascadian beers.  

However, it was Fierce Beer from Aberdeen which triumphed in the hotly contested taste awards, winning four gold medals and one silver medal.  Last year’s champion BrewDog enjoyed further success this year winning six medals in the IPA, Barrel Aged, Stout and Amplified Beers categories.  

Hilary Jones, chairman of the judging panel commented: “Now in its third year, the Scottish Beer Awards are an eagerly-awaited celebration firmly fixed in the UK brewing calendar. 

“With a proven record of inclusivity and collaboration across the whole sector, these awards are truly representative of an exciting industry making first class products. To see so many breweries, both large and small, triumph this evening is hugely encouraging and a sign of the growing success of Scottish companies in the world of brewing.” 

This year’s competition saw the introduction of a new category, created in collaboration with headline sponsors, ALDI to recognise emerging talent.  The Emerging Brewer of the Year Award was presented to Jonathan Robinson of Innis & Gunn who was praised by the judging panel for his passion and commitment to the sector and specifically towards his role as a young brewer in a rapidly growing business.  

Graham Nicolson, group buying director, ALDI Scotland, commented:  “We’re hugely proud to have been headline sponsors of the Scottish Beer Awards since 2016 and privileged to work with so many of the breweries recognised at the awards this evening. The popularity of Scottish beer continues to grow, and we are pleased to be a part of such an exciting time for the Scottish brewing sector. 

 “The quality of beer being produced in Scotland continues to be second to none and the industry offers some exceptional career prospects for young people.  We extend our congratulations to the winner of the emerging brewer award and wish Jonathan from Innis & Gunn every success in his future career.”   


Full List of Winners: 


Scottish Brewery of the Year sponsored by Bruce Stevenson Insurance Company 

WINNER: Stewart Brewing 



Eden Mill  

Edinburgh Beer Factory 

Fierce Beer 

The Innis & Gunn Brewing Company  


Beer of the Year 

WINNER: Belhaven Brewery – Twisted Grapefruit IPA 


Best Lager or Pilsner 

GOLD MEDAL:  Tennent Caledonian Breweries – Tennent’s Gluten Free Lager 

SILVER MEDAL:  Eyeball Brewing – Eyeball Yellow 

BRONZE MEDAL:  Brew Toon – Weekend Hooker 



Bellfield Brewery – Bohemian Pilsner 

BrewDog – Fools Gold 

Cromarty Brewing Co. – Lager 

Cromarty Brewing Co. – Arctic Swell 

Drygate Brewing Co. – Chimera India Pale Lager 

Edinburgh Beer Factory – Paolozzi Unfiltered Helles Lager 

Edinburgh Beer Factory – Paolozzi Helles Lager 

Eyeball Brewing – Eyeball Black 

Merchant City Brewing Co. – Vienna Lager 

six°north – Peloton 

Stewart Brewing – Franz Lager 

Stewart Brewing – Stewart’s Lager 

Tempest Brewing Co. – Hell-Es Lager 

Tennent Caledonian Breweries – Caledonia Double Hop  

The Innis & Gunn Brewing Company – Lager 

Williams Bros Brewing Co. – Caesar Augustus 


Best Pale Ale 

GOLD MEDAL:  Eden Mill – Three Pistons 

SILVER MEDAL:  Barney’s Beer – Cloudburst 

BRONZE MEDAL:  Stewart Brewing – Cascadian East 



Belhaven Brewery – Bridge To Nowhere Pale Ale 

Black Isle Brewing Co. – Rhode Runner 

Born in the Borders – Flower of Scotland 

Bute Brew Co. – Straad Ass 

Campbell’s Brewery  – Gunner 

Cromarty Brewing Co. – Rogue Wave 

Cromarty Brewing Co. – Happy Chappy 

Cross Borders Brewing Company – Braw 

Cross Borders Brewing Company – APA 

Ferry Brewery – Ferry Fair 

Fierce Beer – Day Shift 

Merchant City Brewing Co. – American Pale Ale 

Redcastle Brewery – Crusader 

Stewart Brewing – Ka Pai 

Stewart Brewing – Hollyrood 

Tempest Brewing Co. – Long White Cloud 

Tennent Caledonian Breweries – Caledonia Outpost IPA 

The Innis & Gunn Brewing Company – Frank & Sense 

The Orkney Brewery – Orkney Gold 

 Williams Bros Brewing Co. – Birds & Bees 


Best IPA sponsored by Bairds Malt & Brewers Select 

GOLD MEDAL:  BrewDog – King of Eights 

SILVER MEDAL:  Fierce Beer – Split Shift 

BRONZE MEDAL:  BrewDog – Hazy Jane 



BrewDog – Jet Trash 

Bute Brew Co. – 48 Ferries 

Cromarty Brewing Co. – Black Hop Down 

Drygate Brewing Co. – Seven Peaks 

Drygate Brewing Co. – Galdeye IPA 

Spey Valley Brewery – Hardware 

St Andrews Brewing Company – Notorious B.I.P.A. 

Stewart Brewing – Radical Road 

Stewart Brewing – First World Problems 

Stewart Brewing – Voss IPA 

Stewart Brewing For Lidl – Bright Lights IPA 

Swannay Brewery – Muckle IPA 

Tempest Brewing Co. – Brave New World 

Tempest Brewing Co. – Soma IPA 

Tennent Caledonian Breweries – Tennents Export IPA 

Top Out Brewery – The Cone 

Up Front Brewing – Ishmael 

Windswept Brewing Co. – Tornado 


Best Session Beer 

GOLD MEDAL:  The Innis & Gunn Brewing Company – Session IPA 

SILVER MEDAL:  Barney’s Beer – Glory Days 

BRONZE MEDAL:  Tempest Brewing Co. – Vermont Sessions 



Born in the Borders – Foxy Blonde 

BrewDog – Dead Pony Club 

Bute Brew Co. – Scalpsie Blonde 

Cromarty Brewing Co. – Whiteout 

Cross Borders Brewing Company – Wee Braw 

Drygate Brewing Co. – Ax Man Rye IPA 

Eden Mill – Weize Guy 

Ferry Brewery – 3 Bridges 

Fierce Beer – Heffen Heff 

six°north – Omnium 

Spey Valley Brewery – Stillman’s IPA 

Stewart Brewing – Session IPA 

Tempest Brewing Co. – Pale Armadillo 

The Orkney Brewery – Corncrake 

Windswept Brewing Co. – Lighthouse 

Windswept Brewing Co. – Hurricane 

Windswept Brewing Co. – Aurora 


Best British Style Ale sponsored by Wolffe 

GOLD MEDAL:  Fyne Ales – Maverick 

SILVER MEDAL:  Belhaven Brewery – 80 Shilling 

BRONZE MEDAL:  Inveralmond Brewery – Ossian 



Barney’s Beer – Good Ordinary Pale Ale  

Belhaven Brewery – Scottish Ale 

Born in the Borders – Game Bird 

Bute Brew Co. – Red 

Bute Brew Co. – Thorough Bread  

Eden Mill – 19th Brew 

Inveralmond Brewery – Lia Fail 

The Orkney Brewery – Orkney Raven 

Swannay Brewery – Scapa Special 

Williams Brothers Brewing Co. – Fraoch 


Best Amber or Dark Ale 

GOLD MEDAL:  Spey Valley Brewery – Spey’s Hopper 

SILVER MEDAL:  Windswept Brewing Co. – Wolf 

BRONZE MEDAL:  Fyne Ales – Vital Spark 



Dalrannoch Brewing Co. – Red Skelp 

Edinburgh Beer Factory – BUNK! Edinburgh Brown 

Ferry Brewery – Ferry Alt 

Inveralmond Brewery – Daracha 

Late Night Hype Brewing Co. – Lennox Amber 

Merchant City Brewing Co. – Unit 1 Red Ale 

Stewart Brewing – St Giles 

Stewart Brewing – Embra 

The Orkney Brewery – Orkney Dark Island 

 The Orkney Brewery – Orkney Red MacGregor 


Best Porter sponsored by Barr Printer 

GOLD MEDAL:  Fierce Beer – Dirty Sanchez 

SILVER MEDAL:  Tempest Brewing Co. – Red Eye Flight 

BRONZE MEDAL:  Top Out Brewery – Smoked Porter 



Barney’s Beer – Capital Porter 

Black Isle Brewing Co. – Double Hit 

Cromarty Brewing Co. – Ghost Town 

Cross Borders Brewing Company – India Porter 

Ferry Brewery – Thomas Miller 

Tempest Brewing Co. – Elemental 


Best Stout 

GOLD MEDAL:  Drygate Brewing Co. – Orinoco Breakfast Stout 

SILVER MEDAL:  BrewDog – Jet Black Heart 

BRONZE MEDAL:  Williams Bros Brewing Co. – Profanity Stout 



Belhaven Brewery – Scottish Stout 

Belhaven Brewery – Scottish Oat Stout 

Born in the Borders – Liquid Velvet 

Cromarty Brewing Co. – Brewed Awakening 

Drygate Brewing Co. – Dark Skies 

Eden Mill – Imperfect Storm 

Fierce Beer – Moose Mousse 

Fyne Ales – Sublime Stout 

Stewart Brewing – Cauld Reekie 

Stewart Brewing/Electric Bear Brewing – Not Your Buddy, Guy 

Tennent Caledonian Breweries – Tennent’s Export Stout 

The Orkney Brewery – Orkney Dragonhead Stout 

Up Front Brewing – AHAB 

Williams Bros Brewing Co. – March Of The Penguin 


Best Amplified Beer sponsored by Cara Technology 

GOLD MEDAL:  Fierce Beer – Very Big Moose 

SILVER MEDAL:  BrewDog – Pulp Patriot 

BRONZE MEDAL:  Barney’s Beer – Marshmallow Milk Stout 



Black Isle Brewing Co. – Scotch Ale 

Black Isle Brewing Co. – Systems Theory 

BrewDog – Cocoa Psycho 

Drygate Brewing Co. – Orpheus 

Fyne Ales – Mills & Hills 

Merchant City Brewing Co. – Jaggery Imperial Stout 

six°north – Chapeau 

Swannay Brewery – Orkney Porter  

Tempest Brewing Co. – Marmalade on Rye 

Tempest Brewing Co. – Mexicake 

Williams Bros Brewing Co. – Double Joker IPA 

Williams Bros Brewing Co. – Alba  

Windswept Brewing Co. – Chinook 


Best Sour Beer  

GOLD MEDAL:  Fierce Beer – Tangerine Tart 

SILVER MEDAL:  Stewart Brewing/BrewDog – Corpse Reviver 

BRONZE MEDAL:  Fyne Ales – Origins Brewing – Expedition 



Barney’s Beer – Cosmic Ripple 

BrewDog – Zephyr – Lime Gose Edition 

Cromarty Brewing Co. – Udder Madness 

Fierce Beer – Very Berry 

Fyne Ales – Origins Brewing – Goodnight, Summer 

Tempest Brewing Co. – Drop Kick Me Jesus 


Best Fruit Forward sponsored by Foodies Magazine 

GOLD MEDAL:  Belhaven Brewery – Twisted Grapefruit IPA 

SILVER MEDAL:  Williams Bros Brewing Co., Exclusively for ALDI – Rubus  

BRONZE MEDAL:  Dead End Brew Machine – Death III 



Belhaven Brewery – Twisted Mango IPA 

BrewDog – Clockwork Tangerine 

BrewDog – Elvis Juice 

Drygate Brewing Co. – Disco Forklift Truck 

Edinburgh Beer Factory – BUNK! Cherry Saison  

Fierce Beer – Cranachan Killer 

Late Night Hype Brewing Co. – BoomTang IPA  

Merchant City Brewing Co. – Kiwi & Lime Saison  

Tempest Brewing Co. – Dios Mio  

The Innis & Gunn Brewing Company – Mangoes on the Run 

Top Out Brewery – Simon Says-On  


Best Barrel Aged Beer 

GOLD MEDAL:  Fierce Beer – BA Very Big Moose 

SILVER MEDAL:  BrewDog – Dog G 

BRONZE MEDAL:  Windswept Brewing Co. – BEAR 



Black Isle Brewing Co. – Systems Theory (East Coast) 

Black Isle Brewing Co. – Systems Theory (West Coast) 

Cromarty Brewing Co. – Double Barrel Rocker 

Eden Mill – Russian Caravan Imperial Stout 

Merchant City Brewing Co. – Bourbon Barrelled Vienna Lager 

St Andrews Brewing Company – Party Like an Australian 

Stewart Brewing/Electric Bear Brewing – Not Your Buddy, Guy (Barrel Aged) 

Swannay Brewery – Barrel Aged Orkney Porter (Arran Ed) 

The Innis & Gunn Brewing Company – Blood Red Sky 

The Innis & Gunn Brewing Company – Kindred Spirits 

The Innis & Gunn Brewing Company – Mika’s Choice 

The Innis & Gunn Brewing Company – The Original 

The Innis & Gunn Brewing Company – Vanishing Point 

The Orkney Brewery – Orkney Dark Island Reserve  

Windswept Brewing Co. – WOLF of Glen Moray 



Master Brewer of the Year 

WINNER:  Scott Williams, Williams Brothers Brewing Co. 



Andrew Fulton, The Orkney Brewery 

Dougal Sharp, The Innis & Gunn Brewing Company  


Breakthrough Brewery 

WINNER: Edinburgh Beer Factory 



Bellfield Brewery 

Brew Toon 

Dalrannoch Brewing Co. 

Merchant City Brewing Company 

Redcastle Brewery 

Up Front Brewing 


Emerging Brewer of the Year sponsored by ALDI 

WINNER:  Jonathan Robinson (Digger), The Innis & Gunn Brewing Company 



Adam Gray, Merchant City Brewing Co. 

Thomas Willis, Redcastle Brewery 


Growth Business of the Year sponsored by Rankin Brothers & Sons 

WINNER:  Stewart Brewing 



Bellfield Brewery 

Fierce Beer 

St Andrews Brewing Company 

The Innis & Gunn Brewing Company 


Innovation of the Year sponsored by Kegstar 

WINNER:  Fyne Ales for Origins Brewing 



Bute Brew Co. for Thorough Bread Beer and the Circular Economy  

Eyeball Brewing for Innovative Product Range 

The Innis & Gunn Brewing Company for Barrels into Beer 

Williams Brothers Brewing Co. for Innovative Bottle Design 


Exporter of the Year 

WINNER:  Belhaven Brewery 



Black Isle Brewing Co. 

Fierce Beer 

The Innis & Gunn Brewing Company 

WooHa Brewing Company 


Excellence in Marketing 

WINNER:  The Innis & Gunn Brewing Company 



Cross Borders Brewing Company 

Fierce Beer 

Merchant City Brewing Co. 

Stewart Brewing 

Tempest Brewing Co. 

Williams Brothers Brewing Co. 


Product Development Team of the Year 

WINNER:  Barney’s Beer 



Cromarty Brewing Co. 

Dead End Brew Machine 

Edinburgh Beer Factory 

Tempest Brewing Co. 

The Innis & Gunn Brewing Company 


Beer Bar of the Year 

WINNER:  six°north, Glasgow 



Barney’s Beer 

Black Isle Brewing Co. 

Brew Toon 

Old Worthy Brewing Co. 

Shilling Brewing Company 

St Andrews Brewing Company 

The Innis & Gunn Brewing Company 

Williams Brothers Brewing Co. 


Beer Destination of the Year 

WINNER:  Edinburgh Beer Factory 



Born in the Borders 

Fyne Ales 

The Orkney Brewery 

Stewart Brewing 

Tennent’s Wellpark Brewery 


Beer Event of the Year 

WINNER:  Fyne Ales for FyneFest 



BrewDog for Collabfest 

Drygate Brewing Co., West End Beer Festival, Up Front Brewing, Out of Town Brewing, Dead End Brew Machine & Gallus for Beer Makes Glasgow Festival 

six°north for Midsummer Beer Happening 

Tempest Brewing Co. for Springfest & Oktoberfest 

Windswept Brewing Co. for Moktoberfest 


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