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US firm demonstrating Scots innovation

Pioneering Li-fi technology tested for use in aircraft

Pure li-fi

Li-Fi technology may be used to transform aircraft experiences


PureLiFi, which uses light to create next-generation wireless networks, is collaborating with a US firm to apply its pioneering technology to the aviation industry.

The Edinburgh-based innovator is working with Nasdaq-listed Astronics Corporation, a provider of advanced technologies for the global aerospace, defence and semiconductor industries, to explore the use of LiFi for aircraft applications.

If deployed on an aircraft, Li-Fi could enable passengers to download an HD video in just a few seconds.

Astronics is demonstrating the technology this week at the APEX EXPO in Boston, the industry’s largest passenger experience event attended by more than 3,000 industry professionals, including representatives from nearly 100 airlines. 

Alistair Banham, CEO of pureLiFi, said: “We are delighted that LiFi has been identified by Astronics as a technology that can improve the passenger experience and that they have selected our solutions to demonstrate this potential.

“To collaborate with an organisation as established as Astronics, which works with all major global airlines and airframe manufacturers, is testament to the strength of our offering. We look forward to working with them to demonstrate this exciting use-case for our technology in next-generation light-based wireless networks.”

Mark Schwartz, Vice President of PDT, an Astronics Company, added: “This is a brand new technology and we are exploring ways in which it can improve the passenger, and even crew, experience on an aircraft in terms of connectivity.

“LiFi has the opportunity to be a future passenger experience delighter and we are excited to explore and discuss these possibilities with it.”

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