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Party likely to miss target

SNP ‘five years behind schedule’ on new homes


The SNP is five years behind schedule for meeting its targets on affordable housing, according to new research by the Scottish Conservatives.

In 2016 the SNP pledged to build 50,000 affordable homes by 2021. Since then it has completed fewer than 10,000.

The Tories claim that if this trend continues the SNP will only achieve its target by 2026.

Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson last year outlined a commitment to build 100,000 homes over the course of this parliament – with half of them affordable housing, refurbish the nearly 30,000 empty properties in Scotland to bring them back into use and introduce a national Housing and Infrastructure Agency.

Ms Davidson also proposed expanding simplified planning zones across the country and the creation of new towns.

Tory housing spokesman Graham Simpson said: “The SNP’s complacency on housing is staggering, they are on track to miss their own target by 50 percent. This means that 25,000 Scots will have to wait even longer to be able to afford a home.

“The SNP must come clean and admit that they are woefully behind their target.

“When we talk about housing, we are not simply talking about bricks and mortar. We are talking about the homes that provide the security and opportunity for a family to grow and flourish.

“The dream of home ownership shouldn’t be unobtainable. The SNP must get back to work and deliver the promise they campaigned on.”

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