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Wave and Hive partnership

Save money on water bills with unique leak sensor

Water leak, Wave and Hive

A wi-fi enabled device can detect leaks early


Wave, with its Scottish office in Edinburgh, and Hive have announced a partnership that will provide Scottish businesses with exclusive water leak detection technology as part of their water tariff, offering a truly unique service in the water retail market. 

Hive, one of the largest connected home providers in the UK, is well-known for its family of smart devices that help manage home energy consumption. In partnership with Wave, a market-leading UK business water retailer, Hive’s innovative new leak sensor will now be available exclusively to Wave’s customers.

Wave also provides water billing and efficiency services to the Scottish public sector.

The WiFi enabled device monitors water flow and can spot unusually high amounts of water flowing through a business property. If a problem is detected, it will send a mobile alert, so customers can act quickly to resolve a potential leak. Introducing this exclusive smart technology to their business water customers complements Wave’s ongoing commitment to driving water efficiency, helping businesses to stay one step ahead of leaks and avoid unnecessary costs.

Lucy Darch, CEO at Wave said: “We have enjoyed working with Hive for some time and we are delighted to see this technology come to market as part of an exclusive offer for our customers. This is a first in the business water retail market. Our partnership with Hive allows our customers to benefit from our service-led approach, as well as the use of technology to avoid costly water damage, disruption and unnecessarily high bills.”

Claire Miles, Hive’s Managing Director, said:  “This is our first partnership in the water industry and perfectly enables us to diversify our distribution of products, leading with our Hive Leak Sensor and our customers, by working with small businesses.

“Leak is designed to proactively detect leaks and notify customers of unusual flows, so this helps prevent a drip becoming a far bigger problem. With Wave, we’re hoping to lay solid foundations for future partnerships within the water industry.”

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