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SNP accused of tinkering

Labour urges tax reform as super rich income rockets

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Income is on the rise for the top 1%


Labour is calling for further tax reform after revealing data showing how the income of the super rich has almost doubled in just five years.

The income of Scotland’s top 1% has soared by 89% since 2010/11 when the Conservative government took office in Westminster.

However, Scottish Labour turned its focus on the SNP, arguing the Scottish government could instigate changes to the tax regime north of the border to introduce a greater distribution of wealth.

Analysis of HM Revenue & Customs data shows the total income in Scotland of people earning over £150,000 year has increased from £3.7 billion in 2010/11 to £7bn in 2015/16.

Labour said the figures revealed the need to be bolder on tax for the richest few, rather than continue the ‘timid tinkering’ of the SNP. 

The party revealed the figures as part of its ‘summer of socialism’ campaign, which this week turns to the cost of living and income inequality in Scotland.

Labour Finance spokesperson James Kelly said: “These figures show we need to drop the timid tinkering on tax we have seen from the SNP.

“It’s time for real change, not just more of the same: a more equal Scotland where the broadest shoulders bear the biggest burden. 

“The income of Scotland’s super rich is soaring – but the SNP’s income tax changes tinkered around the edges, putting only a penny on the top rate. 

“The impact of that is cuts to public services and squeezed living standards for working class people in Scotland, with over 400,000 people in Scotland earning less than the living wage.

“Only Labour is willing to take the bold steps we need to see on tax, by making the richest few pay their fair share to fund the public services we all rely on.”


Total income of those earning over £150,000 in Scotland


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Change since 2010-11


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