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Trade mission to China

Seed Haus start-ups seek partners in Shenzhen

Calum Forsyth and Robin Knox

Calum Forsyth and Robin Knox: need to think globally


A delegation of hardware startups from the Edinburgh-based tech accelerator Seed Haus are heading to Shenzhen in China to build ties with manufacturers and suppliers in what some regard as the world’s electronics capital.

Shenzhen, has grown rapidly, particularly in the fields of advanced manufacturing, robotics, and artificial intelligence.

It has a complete ecosystem that contains everything needed for all stages of electronics production all in one place. This has turned the city into a staging ground for large high-tech companies, rising startups, and independent innovators from all over the world looking to get their products made as efficiently as possible.

Seed Haus was founded by Calum Forsyth and Robin Knox and the startup trip to the city will see the likes of robotics company, Casta Spes Technology and social impact electronics firm, Power a Life, enhance relationships with key partners.

Shenzhen and Edinburgh signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 2013 to provide reciprocal support for incubation spaces in each city.


Shenzhen: electronics city


The Seed Haus startups will look to take advantage of support afforded as a result of this initiative.

Calum Forsyth, CEO of Seed Haus, said: “We firmly believe that our portfolio companies need to be thinking globally.

“It’s fantastic to see the startups taking the initiative and making the trip out to Shenzhen. The established relationship already in place as part of the Edinburgh-Shenzhen linkage are invaluable here and the startups will be sure to take advantage of this setup”.

Selby Cary, CEO of Casta Spes Technologies said: “This trip will provide us with key insight into the growing technology and manufacturing hub of Shenzhen. By purchasing the newest high-quality components from the source, and making actionable supplier contacts, we will accelerate our product development considerably”.

Seed Haus’ startups are already making tentative plans for a second trip later this year.

It launched its first cohort of investments in September last year and has made eight investments since then. Seed Haus investors include: Chris van der Kuyl, Sir Tom Hunter, Rob Dobson, and James Watt.

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