Recycling breakthrough

Highland Spring launches ‘eco’ bottle in war on waste

Plastic fantastic: a new bottle has been launched in the war on waste


Scottish drinks group Highland Spring will become the first UK water brand to introduce a 100% recycled bottle.

The Perthshire-based company is trialling the new plastic bottles in response to growing public outrage over plastic pollution.

The 500ml “eco bottle” will be sold in selected supermarkets from this month and will be clearly labelled to differentiate it from other plastic bottles.

Highland Spring, which operates from Blackford, will assess customers’ perceptions of recycled plastics and reaction to a 100% recycled container.

The firm believes it is a first for the UK bottled water market.

Highland Spring chief executive Les Montgomery said: “Plastic is a valuable resource that shouldn’t be treated as waste and we encourage everyone to get involved in this trial.

“This is a significant step that is part of a longer-term road map to eliminating plastic waste as more and more consumers recycle their plastic bottles and we can source recycled plastic in the quantities and quality we need.”

Earlier this year the Co-op supermarket announced plans to switch all of its own-brand water to 50% recycled plastic bottles, but said it expected the move would present an “ethical dilemma” to customers.

The new bottles, which are 100% recyclable and sourced in the UK, will have a cloudier and greyer appearance than those that do not contain recycled plastic and the Co-op said it accepted they could test shoppers’ environmentally-conscious credentials.

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