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SnapDragon swoops to tackle brand thieves

Rachel JonesRachel Jones’ product is used by companies such as Morphsuits


Companies are being offered an online process to protect their brand in what is described as a key move in the battle against counterfeiters.

SnapDragon, the Scotland-based legal technology company, is launching Swoop, an automated brand monitoring platform for designers, manufacturers and retailers, the first of its kind to be made publicly available.

Swoop has been created to enable brands to wage war with online criminal gangs of counterfeiters and copycats across all industries.

Trade in fake goods makes up 2.5% of all world trade and is growing by 25% year on year, according to OECD figures.

Rachel Jones, founder of SnapDragon, said: “Our goal is to drastically reduce the global sale of counterfeit goods. Fake goods can destroy brands – I should know – it very nearly happened to me. I took action to fight back and have spent the last few years helping other companies do the same.

“Today we are automating that process. By enabling companies, large and small, to find fakes and by empowering them with the knowledge to take action, sales of counterfeit goods can be prevented, brands and the consumer can both be kept safe, businesses remain profitable and fund flow to criminal enterprises cut.”

Today’s announcement marks an important step change for the international online brand protection market. Before SnapDragon, online brand protection was unaffordable for the majority and available only to luxury brands. Swoop is offered as  SaaS (software as a service) which keeps the price down.

Mandy Haeburn-Little, CEO of the Scottish Business Resillience Centre, said: “I am delighted to see a company as respected, nimble and visionary as SnapDragon emerge.

“Scotland has an excellent reputation for innovation and Rachel Jones is one of those rare and outstanding individuals prepared to stand up and safeguard the wider interests of the whole legitimate business community.

“Ironically, counterfeits and fake goods are areas where there has been considerable entrepreneurship as malicious and reckless companies have seen the opportunity to make a fast buck, regardless of the ruthless damage they cause – whether this be physical, financial or to infrastructure.

“It is precisely because of these insidious and entirely malicious companies that we need champions in the world of protection.”

SnapDragon works with a diverse portfolio of clients in the UK and US including Harris Tweed, Morphsuits, Johnstons of Elgin, Glencairn, and Cheeky Chompers.

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