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Cafe kicks off village gowth

Cooking up an enterprise community

Calderwood Larder cafe

The new cafe is part of a wider plan for a new village


A ground-breaking cook school which helps young people get jobs in the hospitality industry is opening a café as part of plans to develop commercial enterprises in a new village in West Lothian.

The Larder Cook School is a long-established social enterprise in Livingston which employs professional chefs and helps young people develop skills.

Its new cafe is in Calderwood, designed by Dunfermline based developer Stirling Developments. The  Larder café concept is the first of a number of commercial  enterprises to be introduced.  As the village grows, further community facilities will be delivered including shops, businesses and a primary school.

Angela Moohan, founder and manager of The Larder, said: “We hope to combine new opportunities for young people.

“Every community needs a heart, and we would hope The Larder at Calderwood could become the heart of this new community.”

Mr Peter Stirling, managing director of Stirling Developments, said: “A community like Calderwood needs social facilities as well as new housing.”

Stirling polices builders such as Stewart Milne and Charles Church to follow the planned village look.

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