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Renewed plea for SNP support

‘Time running out’ to halt Brexit chaos, says Cable

Sir Vince Cable: ‘Time is running out’

Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable will today warn that the Government’s Brexit deal is unravelling and again urge the SNP to “do the right thing” and back calls for a vote on the final deal.

Addressing the Scottish Liberal Democrat spring conference in Aviemore, Sir Vince will say: “The Government’s Brexit deal is unravelling.  The Government’s proposals for the Irish border have been rejected out of hand.

“The chaos over immigration policy shows that the registration of up to three million EU nationals will be a nightmare.

“The Commonwealth has shown very little interest in the Government’s Commonwealth Free Trade proposals; they see it as Empire 2.0.”

He will call on SNP leader and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to the country’s needs ahead of “narrow” party interests says the country will not forgive her if she chooses the latter.

“Our campaign for a people’s vote on the final deal is building in strength every week. And I am pleased to see people from across the political spectrum getting behind it,” he will say.

“But a notable absence is the SNP.  My party is working with the SNP to keep the UK in the Single Market.  But it is not enough for the SNP to lament the consequences of Brexit, and of leaving the Single Market.

“In today’s political environment, Brexit is not – or doesn’t need to be – inevitable but time is running out for the SNP to play their part in stopping it.

“The only way to ‘Exit from Brexit’ is through a people’s vote on the deal, with an option to stay in the European Union instead.

“We are now winning big votes in the House of Lords on the EU Withdrawal Bill.  One of the great ironies of our time is that it is a fundamentally undemocratic chamber which is being left to do the hard work of safeguarding democracy.

“If the Lords sends the Commons an amendment to enable a referendum on the final Brexit deal, SNP MPs’ votes will be crucial to making it actually happen.

“So Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP will have a decision to make.  The national interest or her party interest.  Save the United Kingdom from Brexit, or pursue her dogged agenda of seeing Scotland out of both the unions which safeguard its prosperity.

“Scotland surely will not forgive her if she makes the wrong choice.”

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