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Energy market tested by population growth

Hinkley nuclear power station

Hinkley nuclear power station

Energy consumption in the UK is expected to have risen 50% between 2005 and 2030 as the population grows.

Supplier of business gas, Flogas assesses what energy sources make up the market and how much we depend on them:

Fossil Fuels
Fossil fuels remain one of our highest energy sources. It is made up of natural gas, and coal and is a reliable form of energy that has supplied both domestic and commercial needs.

Three major coal power stations have been closed in the last year which led to coal electricity generation plummeting from 22.6% to 9.2%, its lowest output in 80 years.

Natural Gas
Natural gas can provide power whenever it is needed, making it a reliable energy source. The number of gas power stations increased 45% between 2015 and 2016. This may be down to the collapse of coal generated energy.

With regard to emissions, natural gas emits 45% less carbon dioxide than coal and 30% less than oil. This means that its impact on the environment is not as extreme as alternative forms of fuel.

Gas is the most available energy source worldwide.

Renewable Energy is an increasing source of energy in the UK and Worldwide. However, there are many that believe this is a less reliable source of energy and we could never 100% rely on it.

It was reported in 2016 that windfarms across the UK generated more electricity than coal power plants and also produced more power than solar panels.

Solar Power
The UK is a European leader in the growth of solar energy. Across Europe, solar provides 4% of all electricity demand. The UK government made a decision on cutting incentives for householders to fit solar panels and for solar farms to be built which resulted solar power installations in 2016 dropping by around 50% compared to the year before.

Nuclear Power
This accounts for 23.2% of energy generated in the UK and can provide power whenever it is needed.

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