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Downturn claims catering venture

Celebrity chef Nairn’s Aberdeen Cook School to close

Nick Nairn

Nick Nairn: ‘we are not immune to the downturn’

Celebrity chef Nick Nairn is closing his Cook School in Aberdeen because of the downturn in the north east economy.

His restaurant business, Nick’s Pizza Bar, will continue to trade in the city, but the Aberdeen Cook School, launched in May 2012, will close in June.

It was an expansion of the Nick Nairn Cook School in Port of Menteith, near Stirling and grew on the back of the buoyant oil and gas sector at the time.

More than 60,000 customers passed through the school, but the downturn in the north-east economy in recent years means that it is no longer commercially viable.  Staff were notified of the decision yesterday.   

Mr Nairn said: “Expanding into Aberdeen had been a long-term passion of mine as we had a huge number of loyal customers regularly travelling from the north-east to our Cook School in Port of Menteith. 

“We enjoyed a great run of custom for a number of years but like many other businesses in Aberdeen and the surrounding areas, we are not immune to the downturn in the north-east economy. 

“Our corporate custom suffered in particular for understandable reasons and we have worked exceptionally hard for the last 18 months to diversify our offering, but we have now reached a point where the Cook School is no longer commercially sustainable.”

The school will close on 30 June and will ensure that everyone who has purchased gift cards will be able to redeem these prior to its closing. 

Customers are encouraged to contact the booking line to arrange a class.  The Port of Menteith Cook School is not affected and remains busy with a number of new initiatives in the pipeline.  

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