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Raquel ready to clean up in beauty business

Raquel Wing Clean Hub

Raquel Wing: ‘forensic approach to beauty products

Young entrepreneur Raquel Wing has used her skin’s sensitivity to some cosmetics brands as the spur to helping firms set up natural beauty businesses.

The former wealth manager said that from an early age she could not use many beauty products because her skin was intolerant to some of the ingredients they contained.

She has set up The Clean Hub to support startup companies emerging in the growing ‘clean beauty’ sector of the global marketplace.

Ms Wing, who worked for financial services giants Morgan Stanley and UBS, said the hub is the first of its kind to offer specialist support for independent start-up businesses compliant with the most stringent standards of natural and ethical production – free from animal testing, toxins, carcinogens and harmful ingredients.

I had to become forensic in my approach to checking every pack’s ingredients list,” she said.

“It was also very frustrating to discover that many ‘natural’ products were in fact full of the chemicals and toxins that I couldn’t use.”

She said there was a lack of clarity over natural and clean brands in the current marketplace – for producers and consumers alike.

“With The Clean Hub we are aiming to build a new community that overcomes this problem, promoting clarity, trust and authenticity for brands that are offering products that are genuinely clean and free from the toxins that increasingly no one wants in their skin and personal care regime.”

Ms Wing, who achieved an MBA at Edinburgh University, said that there are a growing number of businesses looking to expand in this area.

“There are many wonderful small beauty businesses and emerging brands out there which are committed to offering a genuinely natural product range for consumers, but the industry is fragmented and needs support and a stronger voice.

“The Clean Hub is here to provide that, as well as helping consumers like me who want to easily and quickly find beauty brands whose claims they can trust implicitly.”

With bases in Edinburgh and California, The Clean Hub has partnered with a range of beauty industry experts and regulators to help businesses overcome many of the challenges they face in bringing their clean beauty brands to market, from finance and export regulations to branding and marketing.

The global clean beauty market is growing by 9% a year and is expected to reach $25 billion by 2025.

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