World Water Day

More effort needed to cut water wastage

Tony MarchEveryone is familiar with tips to save water in the home. Fix a dripping tap and save seven buckets of water per day. Have a quicker shower and reduce water wastage by 17 litres per day.

But in the age of increased awareness about corporate environmental responsibility, we are urging the private sector to do more to play their part in saving water as we mark World Water Day today (Thursday 22, March).

The Scottish public sector has cut its water consumption by over 305 Olympic-sized swimming pools in two years through efficiency measures (which, helpfully, has also saved on water bills).

Wave, a joint venture between Anglian Water Business and Northumbrian Water Group, has been working with 200 public bodies in Scotland since March 2016, when Anglian Water Business secured the contract to reduce inefficiencies in their water usage. 

There are considerable services on the market for businesses, both large and small, to reduce water consumption and thereby costs. For example, our customers can sign-up for water-saving services such as alerts when consumption is unusually high, early identification of leaks, and audits of water efficiency, all of which can make a significant difference. 

Companies are also able to include saving water in their carbon footprint reduction strategy. The water industry is highly energy intensive, requiring large amounts of energy for pumping, water treatment and waste management. Consuming less water requires less energy, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions and assists in tackling climate change. 

Indeed, the Scottish Government has set a target in its Climate Change Bill to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 90 per cent by 2050. 

Businesses in Scotland, with its reputation for wet weather and plentiful reservoirs, could be forgiven for not fully appreciating the positive impact that saving water has not only on their bottom line but also on the environment.

This World Water Day, we are raising awareness and calling on the private sector (and other organisations) in Scotland to rise to the challenge and speak to their water retailer about taking small, simple steps towards maximising the use of this precious resource.

Tony March, is head of public sector, Wave

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