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Firms ‘still wasting money’ on poor water use

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Firms are ‘failing to identify and address inefficiencies’

Water retailer Wave says it has helped the Scottish public sector save more than £2m in the past two years and is urging businesses to do more.

Wave, a joint venture between Anglian Water Business and Northumbrian Water Group, provides water billing and efficiency services to 200 public bodies.

This is a water saving equivalent to 305 Olympic-size swimming pools, achieved through numerous water efficiency initiatives. 

On World Water Day, Wave says Scottish businesses and organisations are wasting thousands of pounds a year by failing to identify and address inefficiencies in their property’s water usage.

Saving water reduces not only water bills, but also energy bills, as heating less water reduces energy consumption, thereby reducing an organisation’s carbon footprint. 

The water industry is the fourth most energy intensive sector in the UK, requiring large amounts of energy for pumping, water treatment and waste management. By consuming less water, thereby requires less energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and assisting in tackling climate change. 

The company also recently announced the launch of a major national challenge – ‘Don’t Waste a Drop’ – with the Scottish Council for Development and Industry’s (SCDI).  The aim is to encourage children and young people into Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) careers.

The challenge involved schools looking at ways to conserve water through designing and building a pump and pipeline to transfer water without wasting a drop, linking STEM-based techniques to conserving water. 

Tony March from Wave commented: “This World Water Day we are calling on Scottish businesses and other organisations to do their bit and help to save water for the sake of the environment. Managing water consumption helps retain our planet’s precious resources, and there are now cost-efficient services available to help businesses small and large save both water and money.”

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