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Turnover doubles

Vert creates more powerful compressor

Olly Dmitriev
Olly Dmitriev: space

Vert Rotors, the Scottish engineering firm, has created a compressor which is three times more powerful than its nearest competitor on the market for the same input of electric power.

The Edinburgh-based company said that to keep up with demand it is dedicating more space to increase production of its micro compressors.  It has hired five design and manufacturing engineers.

Annual figures show turnover grow by 197% over the last 12 months and its research and development has been recognised with four patents granted: two in the US and two in Europe.

Vert Rotors founder and CEO, Olly Dmitriev said: “It really has been an outstanding year for Vert Rotors. It is great to see that our growth has increased year on year by 197% and we want to push forward to keep on track for 2018.”

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